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Brisbane Newborn Photographer | Read the Top 10 reasons to hire a professional newborn photographer

Top 10 reasons why you should hire a Professional Newborn Photographer Isabelle is a Brisbane photographer who specialises exclusively in Newborn photography.   Hi everyone !  I’m Isabelle and I am French, so please forgive me, I know how much my  writing is far from perfect. I have 3 children of my own, and still go to the park a lot with my little one.  When chatting with other Mums,  if we start talking about our lives and our jobs, once they find out what I do for a living, they ask me 100s of questions !  It’s so nice

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Brisbane Newborn Photographer | Annabel

Annabel and her parents came to see me on a Tuesday for their Brisbane newborn portrait session. I like to keep mum and dad at ease from the beginning.  I want their photo session to be a lovely experience, fun and relaxing.  I bring a bowl of fruit which keeps us going during the session, and we all have our large plastic water bottles, as I don’t allow glass in the shooting area at all, for safety. That Tuesday was a very hot day !  I put the air conditioning on before the session and brought  the studio to a

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