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What is baby photography ?

Baby photography is a genre of photography that specialises in taking photographs of babies and newborn babies. Hospital photography Birth photography Babies can be born at the hospital or at home.  Regardless of the location of the birth (hospital, home, or in the car …  Oooops !), baby photography can start at the birth of the baby.  This type of photography is referred to as birth photography.  The birth photographer will be there with the mum or couple during the labour, and the birth. This photographer will document the birth of your baby, and often take incredible captures, which show

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How I photographed 1 cute baby and 5 fur children

“Hi, we have 1 cute baby and 5 fur children” did not say my client … First contact It all started with an email “Hi Isabelle, we are expecting a baby girl, and would like to know if you could come to our place to photograph her, and include our fur children, too”. Then our conversation kept going, and I received more information “the reason we would like you to come to our home is that we also have fur children, 5”. 5 !  Yes, sure !  (inside, I was thinking “wow !  5 dogs !  Not 1, not 2,

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Newborn Photography Brisbane

Newborn photography Brisbane Hi !  Welcome to Isabelle Newborn Photography, newborn specialist in Brisbane. Are you living in Brisbane and expecting a baby ?  Do you have a special story to share ?  Or, do you know someone who is, and are looking for a beautiful gift ?  One that baby will never outgrow ? If so, you are in the right place. Isabelle Newborn Photography, offers newborn photography services in Brisbane. Did you know that I have been photographing newborn babies since 2013 ?  I created Isabelle Newborn Photography shortly after my 3rd child turned 1. What is my

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