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Newborn baby shopping list

Newborn baby shopping list : The ultimate shopping list for expecting mothers You are probably reading this because you are pregnant with your very first baby. Congratulations !  Exciting times ahead. When you are expecting a little one, getting everything ready for her arrival can seem overwhelming. I have broken down this list with the ‘must have’ vs ‘nice to have’.  As a mum of 3 children, let me tell you : there is so much that we buy that we never ever use !  To grow your baby needs 3 things : TO BE FED ♥ TO BE SAFE

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Beautiful newborn photos

Why is it important to arrange beautiful photos now of your newborn baby? Think about family and baby photos before your mind turns to mush! Trust me, the special portraits you get of your newborn baby in her early days will become treasured items forever. If you are in the latter stages of pregnancy, you are probably very excited about meeting your little one soon, but you might not have photos on the top of your mind. The last thing you might want to think about right now is someone pointing a camera at you! (Is it possible to have

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