Join me for your newborn session and let’s create beautiful photographs of your precious baby !

The newborn photography session

Newborn babies are best photographed between 5 and 12 days.

Each session has a very unique and relaxed atmosphere.  It lasts around 3 hours.  This time includes the whole photo shoot, with plenty of time for cuddles and feeds.

The session fee for a Newborn session is $220

Products start at $295, packages start at $500 (baby only) or $795 (siblings and parents shots included)

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Prior to each session, I set up the studio and create a very comforting environment for your little one.  This helps soothe and settle your baby into a peaceful sleep which then enables me to capture these beautiful images.

If your baby is awake, and happy, I will photograph her awake and capture incredible images.

During the session, baby will want a break, a cuddle, a feed, or a change…  Your baby is the boss and she tells me what she likes and what she doesn’t.

I always follow the baby’s cues and work around your baby.

While I love taking beautiful photographs, my top priority will always be the safety and comfort of your little one.

When baby is a bit unsettled, patience and perseverance always win!

Please bring a snack with you, as well as your water bottle (please note I don’t allow glass in the studio for safety reasons).  I always have plenty of fresh fruits which are complimentary during your session.

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When do I book my session?

The second term of your pregnancy is generally a good time to book your session.  Don’t wait until baby is here as I might not be able to accommodate your date in my agenda.

How do I book my session?

The session fee of $220 is payable to secure your session, payable by bank transfer to Isabelle Newborn Photography’s account.

When will my session take place?

For Maternity sessions, Isabelle likes to photograph Bellies between 32 and 38 weeks, usually around the 35 week mark.  This is when your bump is nice and round but you are not too tired and can still enjoy the session.

For Newborn sessions, Isabelle likes to photograph newborns between 5 and 12 days old.  At this age they still love to curl up in these adorable womb like positions.

Early babies or multiples can usually be photographed a few days after they have come home from the hospital.

What should I bring at my session?

Once you have paid your deposit and your session has been confirmed via email, you will receive a little guide containing all the information.  Not much is required on the day of the session.  Bring your water bottle, a snack, light clothes (it is toasty warm in the studio), receiving blankets, and what you would normally take during an outing with baby.

What is important to you as a newborn photographer?

Number ONE : SAFETY.  Safety is paramount.  Isabelle is very good with babies and knows how to handle them.  Composites are used whenever they are needed. Isabelle will never put a baby at risk.

Number TWO : COMFORT.  It is simple, to look comfy and content you baby needs to be comfy.  Photographing a newborn baby is hard work and requires knowledge, and a lot of patience !

I am a little nervous, it’s strange to have photos of my baby taken by a photographer whom I’ve never met before…

Please don’t be!  Isabelle is also a mother to 3 amazing children.  On a personal note, she has breastfed all of her babies, and carried them.  She is known to be a very calm, relaxed, friendly photographer… and so patient.  As you will see, taking beautiful photos take time.

Most of her clients walk out the studio feeling like they’ve spent a morning with a friend, while receiving a professional service.


What if my baby is unsettled, has reflux, colic, acne?

This is why it is important to have some photos taken around the first week of life.  This is when your baby will look her best.  From experience, colic, reflux (GOR) start after the first week of life.  Bringing your baby for her newborn session within the first week or so of her life will help minimise all these little burdens that some baby go through.

Can I bring props to the session?

If you have a special item, like a special soft toy, or an hand knitted blanket by mum or grandma, bonnet or booties…  or any thing you would like to have captured in some of my images, please bring it with you I will do my best to incorporate it in your session.

Isabelle has an extended array of props for you to choose from.

I would love to have a full body shot, but am worried my baby has an accident…

Don’t worry because if we remove that nappy it will happen!  It’s not a matter of IF it’s a matter of WHEN!  Bring an extra set of clothes if you decide to have family photos taken holding your baby without a nappy on.  When it happens we just quickly clean baby and move on.

Do you do anything in particular when handling my baby, I am scared of germs…

As a mother of 3, Isabelle knows hygiene is important around a newborn.  All her props are freshly washed prior to each session.  The home studio is pet and smoke free.  Isabelle will not wear makeup or perfume during her sessions.

Will I help you during the session?

Isabelle loves to involve parents in her sessions.  Most parents enjoy being part of the “behind the scene” that goes on during a session.  Newborn babies don’t support themselves, a lot of technique goes into the posing.  This is important to ensure safety.

When will I see my images?

Around 2 weeks after your session, you will watch a slideshow of the images taken during our time together !  This is a magic moment when you will decide which photos you would like to buy, and how you would like to have them displayed.  Be ready to fall in love again!

We understand your  life is busy.  This is why your private reveal and ordering sessions take place by appointment at a day and time that suit you, in the comfort of your own home.  We are the only ones to offer this service.

Do you offer digital images?


Do you edit your images?

Each image is hand retouched professionally.

I would love to hire you but I think I cannot afford you!

Yes you can afford beautiful portraits of your little prince or princess !  Think about in 10 years time,  how the money will mean nothing but the beautiful canvas will.  This is an investment you will never regret.  Payment plans are available so you can comfortably budget for your portraits over time.

You will enjoy your beautiful custom photography for a lifetime, and even pass it down to your children.

I have twins…    Will I pay more for my session?

NO, we don’t charge more for sessions with multiples.

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