Brisbane Newborn Photography Quinn’s session

Quinn was what I call a dream baby to photograph.  As a Brisbane newborn photographer, I never know what to expect before each photo session, as each baby is different.  It makes my job a little challenging, but never boring !  They brought a sweet little strawberry hat that they wanted me to photograph her with.  It was a 3 months size, so it looked huge on her tiny head.  I rolled the bottom and then finished the perfect fit in post processing.  Post processing in newborn photography, just like in any type of photography, is where the magic happens.

I have been a little sick and had to postpone a few sessions, and delay some post-processing work.  Feeling better now and am back working on it and getting these beautiful orders ready !  Thank you so much to all of my super understanding clients who have been so patiently waiting for their canvases and Albums.  I will share a few once I receive them.

But for now, enjoy Quinn’s preview !

Brisbane newborn photographerBrisbane newborn photographerBrisbane newborn photographer Brisbane newborn photographer

A newborn session is best done between 5 to 12 days.  It is best to book during your second term of pregnancy.  If you would like to book or to get in touch, please contact me here.

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