DIY newborn photography backdrop stand

DIY newborn photography backdrop stand

How to make your own Newborn Photography backdrop stand out of pvc pipe

Here is mine with a little twist !

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I have been doing some research on how to make the perfect backdrop stand for my  newborn posing beanbag.  The posing bag I use is the round design, it is the most common design in the industry.  It has a diameter of 1 meter, and is about 30 cm in height.

I didn’t like the PVC of the DIY backdrop stands that I was  seeing because the sides were in the way and would restrict access to the beanbag.  I decided to change the design slightly and am very happy with the result !

The image above was taken after my first assembly test.  I didn’t have the 3 ways connectors yet, this is why the pipes are not correctly assembled.

I kept the sides of the backdrop so I am still able to clamp the backdrop horizontally, especially where it is very important, towards the back.  I can keep it taught and remove the creases which helps speed up my editing.  Towards the front, I usually smoothe my backdrop with my hands and it works for me.

Removing the front part of the sides allows full access to the beanbag, which gives  better access to baby.

My only regret is that it is 15mm in diameter.  I would recommend 25mm instead.  It is super light and easy to carry around, and does the job, using 25mm pressure pipes would have been more robust.  It’s works for me because I only clip one blanket at a time to it.


It is very easy to assemble too !

I will do my best to update this post with everything that is needed to build this stand should anyone be interested !  I will add the dimensions, too.

Shopping list :

DIY newborn photography backdrop stand

I have bought the pvc pipes, T pipes connectors, and 2 way pipes connectors from Bunnings Warehouse here in Australia.  I was able to have them cut the pvc pipes to the correct lengths too !

I bought the 3 Way Elbow PVC Connector – 15mm on Ebay Australia (2 are needed).