Newborn photography near me

newborn photography near meNewborn photography near me

Are you expecting a little one ? You have come across this page as you are probably searching for newborn photography near me, I mean you !

Congratulations ! You’ve got some exciting times ahead.

Newborn Photographer near me

This is a very clever idea to search for a newborn photographer who is located close by.  Trust me, you don’t want to be driving hours with a newborn.  Some babies don’t like the car, and there is not anything more stressful than a screaming newborn at the back of the car.  We’ve all been there, and the idea is to have a short drive to the studio, and arrive as fresh and relaxed as possible.

With all of my newborn sessions, professional hair styling and make-up is included.  This means that the mum does not have to worry about anything.  You will all be looked after when you arrive to the studio.

If you have other children, I will photograph them while mum is getting pampered.  Sometimes they are a little bit shy, and that is especially true for toddlers and that is ok.  They can do some colouring or watch Dora on the TV, then when everyone is ready we walk into the studio and start warming up and having fun.

Choosing the right newborn photographer

Choosing your newborn photographer isn’t something you should take lightly.  More often then not, you have no idea of the cost, the process, when and how to book, what to bring to the session …  It’s rather overwhelming and I hear you.

Many are tempted to choose based on cost, but let me tell you, you get what you pay for !  If you are looking for a tailored experience, with a photographer who will take the time to understand what you want, create it for you, and deliver it to you, then you won’t find that in shopping centre studios, where you will be photographed by an employee, whose only goal is to photograph you within a certain time frame.  Then a sales person will try to sell you what they are asked to sell.

You need to be clear on what you want and desire.  Think of it as fast-food VS fine-dining.

I hope this blog post has helped you a little bit with your newborn photography needs.

Should you have questions or wish to discuss your photoshoot do not hesitate to contact me.  Fill-in the form below and I will be in touch !