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I was walking along the edge of the water with my 10 year old daughter.  We were actively scouting the area for tonight’s special shoot, a maternity sunset shoot !

I was so excited and nervous at the same time.  Shooting outside always bring these 2 feelings at the same time.  Here in Queensland, the weather can change in seconds, and you never know what it’s going to be like.  some beautiful trees, dead branches, and the edge of the water would make for a perfect backdrop.

It was still 30 minutes + until our meetup time, so I pulled the camera out, and took some test shots.  This feeling, of being in a beautiful location, witnessing it with my own eyes, and being able to have like a solid friend to record it…  I can’t explain.  It makes my heart sing, I feel like I’ve just had a good meal, my body feels content, and my soul nourished !  It’s crazy, I know.

A car slows down, it must be them !  Mum hopped of the car first, unbuckled her 3 year old daughter, followed by her husband.  She brought so many amazing dresses, it was like a fashion show, and I just loved it.  I always ask the mums to bring along the dresses they like the most, the ones they feel gorgeous in.

Shooting before, during and after sunset, you have to be quick !  The sun goes down so quickly.  We went straight to the dead branch, and I started shooting.  Mum loved the look of it, and the light was becoming warmer and warmer.  Mum was so brave and managed between the ants and mozzies.  Thank goodness for mozzie repellent.

We then quickly moved closer to the water, it felt like we were at the perfect spot, at the perfect time !  I kept working with her, and we enjoyed that moment of the shoot so much.  Her daughter and husband joined and we were all having so much fun !  I showed them the back of my camera so many times, and they were in awe that we were able to capture those moments.

Here are a few from this session.  Hope you enjoy !

brisbane maternity session on location

brisbane maternity session on location

brisbane maternity session on location

brisbane maternity session on location

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