The Baby Summit 2015

logo_1435188983North Brisbane Newborn Photographer – Photographer’s conference on the Gold Coast

This is how August started for me and a big bunch of other professional photographers, nearly 300, all in the area of maternity, birth, newborn and baby photography.

The 3 day conference was such an incredible wealth of information that I don’t even know where to begin…  300 photographers, some amazing speakers, workshops, a vendors area.

Bye Bye Brisbane…

North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Good Morning Tweed Heads!

North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Let’s start with day 1.  Saturday 1 August 2015.  It was a very early morning for me, as I got up to help set up my friend’s stall, in the vendors area.  She makes beautiful newborn photography vintage inspired props.  All handmade.  We had to be there at 6:30AM.

After a quick breakfast, here she comes to give me a lift.  A short drive, and we’re there!  The lift takes us to the vendor area, and this is what we saw when the doors opened :

North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Bees at work!  Our turn to set everything up and be ready for the grand opening!

North Brisbane Newborn PhotographerNorth Brisbane Newborn PhotographerNorth Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Here she is!  And all of her hard work all around her…  We were all ready in time for the Grand Opening!  It was so exciting to see all of these new faces coming and going!

I just loved meeting so many people!

The 3 days had a very similar rhythm.  3 workshops per day, with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.  The workshops could be demos, or geared towards the more business side of things.  Talks on baby’s safety, which is a top priority for each Newborn Photographer.

Here’s a few photos from the 3 days…

Afternoon tea everyone!  The food was beautiful and plentiful and…  much needed to compensate the short nights and hard work!

North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Attending Luisa Dunn workshop.  Luisa working with a beautiful baby boy.

North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Melanie Kellerman at work!

North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Talk on Baby safety.  As a Newborn Photographer, safety is paramount.  A lot of safety and a lot of technicity happens behind the scenes in a Newborn shoot

North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Attended a magic sunrise photoshoot with Anya Ponti from Anya Ponti Photography.  Beautiful photographer inside and out.  I will create a separate post with all the images of Anya at work.  The atmosphere that morning was truly magic.

North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Posing demo with Sue Bryce.  Sue is ‘half Kiwi, half Aussie’ as she likes to describes her.  She is an incredibly talented Glamour Photographer who now lives and works in Los Angeles.  She was here for the summit and put on a show for her!  I will never see my posing the same!

North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

During our 3 days we got 3 stunning sunrise and sunsets…  I just couldn’t get enough of those skies.

Under the reflection in the window you can get some glimpses of Surfers Paradise.

North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

During these 3 days, I have met so many other photographers and learnt so much.  I cannot wait for the event to return, in 2016!

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