3 Pregnancy tips that will make you happy

You are pregnant, congratulations ! Here are 3 pregnancy tips that wilpregnancy tipsl make you happy

Now what ?  May you find asking yourself.

Pregnancy is amazing.  I mean our body has this incredible gift of being able to grow another little human.  I don’t know about you, but for me, if I wasn’t able to see it, I wouldn’t believe it.

After 3 pregnancy of my own, and hearing all of the advice, good and bad, kind and not so kind, I wanted to share with you those that really changed my pregnancy and just made me, happy !

Tip #1 Don’t compare yourself

Listen to what people have to say, but just don’t compare yourself to others.  Like many other things in life, each and every one of us is different.  You will find that your pregnancy is, too.  You will even find that each of your pregnancy is different !

Tip #2 Do a pregnancy test

Even if you’ve learnt about your pregnancy with a blood test, or under any other circumstance, go and buy that pregnancy test.  You know, the ones that you pee on and give 2 lines (like the ones I have used), or a plus, or a word “pregnant”.  There is something incredible about seeing the result come to life, something you will never forget (trust me !)

Tip #3 You are not selfish

Yes, pregnancy is not a disease, but your body is working really hard to creating this little human.  You will feel tired, have nausea, or HG (this is a more serious condition that have affected a few of my friends, that I’d never heard of before).  Your body is also constantly carrying weight, and it gets more difficult towards the end.  So, when you take a nap, ask for someone to help you do things or do it for you, you are not selfish, or lazy, or anything like that.  You are pregnant and it is okay to ask !

You should really consider to have this beautiful moment in your life captured, and show your little one her story “look, this is a photo when you were in mummy’s tummy !”  I would love to get to know you, and photograph you during this special time.  Please get in touch using the button below.