Newborn baby shopping list

Newborn baby shopping list :

The ultimate shopping list for expecting mothers

You are probably reading this because you are pregnant with your very first baby.

Congratulations !  Exciting times ahead.

When you are expecting a little one, getting everything ready for her arrival can seem overwhelming.

I have broken down this list with the ‘must have’ vs ‘nice to have’.  As a mum of 3 children, let me tell you : there is so much that we buy that we never ever use !  To grow your baby needs 3 things :


OUT AND ABOUT with baby

Must have :

  • Rear-facing car seat (convertible car seat) group 0 (accommodates babies from birth)  TIP : make sure it is properly installed in your car, if unsure find a fitting station.
  • Stroller that reclines flat or baby carrier that allows to carry from birth (usually it will be a weigth rather than age – depending on the carrier there are different requirements, usually a minimum weight.  There are many different types of baby carriers, including : soft structured carriers, slings …  make sure you always follow the safety requirements when carrying your baby.  Carriers can be very handy to get your hands free when your baby needs to be in your arms for long period of times

Nice to have :

  • Car capsule a.k.a “Maxi-Cosi” these can be used from birth until 4 to 8 months depending on the size of your baby.

AT HOME with baby

Must have :

  • A baby cot, with a firm mattress, breathable mattress protector, fitted sheets (several, the more the better …  we started with 4).
  • 2 sleeping bags if your baby is born in the cooler months
  • Change table with a change mat – the waterproof ones are much better if you have the option, with a terry towel (because babies hate being cold and won’t like the cold plastic surface).  Investing in a change table is important as it is at the right height for your back.  Your tired, post pregnancy back will thank you for it 🙂
  • A rocker / baby bouncer, where you can safely put down your baby during the day
  • Burp cloths (plenty !)
  • Receiving blankets (a few)
  • Nappies (disposable or cloth) and wipes or cotton and water, change cream
  • gentle baby wash / bath wash
  • thermometer
  • baby bath (or you can use the sink, make sure it is clean and the surface isn’t cold)
  • bath thermometer (always check the temperature of the bath)
  • Clothes : bodysuits short or long sleeves and grosuits.  Don’t buy too much until you find out your baby size.  You can always buy more once your baby is born.  If you have a small baby, it will be 00000 (Australian size), most babies fit 0000 (Australian size), and big babies fit 0000 for a few weeks then go straight into 000 (Australian size).  You can have fun and buy cute little outfits, just remember that under one month, it’s hard to put anything on them, and make sure there are no tight elastic around the waist, or tags that could scratch their delicate skin or tickle them.
  • Bibs (although burp cloths do the trick !)
  • Nappy pail (if you choose the cloth nappies)
  • A camera to take beautiful photos of your baby !

Nice to have :

  • A bassinet for those first few months
  • Nappy disposal system (you will need to buy refills)
  • Baby nail scissors (you can use regular ones, don’t cut bub’s nails until she is a month old.  When nails brake then just cut the little piece that is falling.  Also it’s best to do it when bub is asleep.

FEEDING your baby


Must have :

  • A breastfeeding-bra (buy at least 2 or 3)
  • Breastfeeding pads (washable or disposables)
  • Breastfeeding cups (will collect the milk leaking on the other breast, and save your pad which would otherwise be completely soaked)
  • Breast pump (can come in handy if your milk is engorged and your baby is desperately asleep … Buy either a manual one (must have) or a variable speed electric one (nice to have).  In the early days you will use a slower speed or less pressure, and then you will be able to go a lot faster and collect a lot more milk as your breastfeeding progresses and your baby grows.
  • It can be good to have a cream such as lansinoh cream to put on the little cracks should they appear.  Your milk has healing properties and can be used just as well.
  • Breastfeeding pillow (these pillows are much better than regular pillows, your back will thank you for it.  The breastfeeding pillow helps bringing your baby to your breast, rather than bend down to your baby resting on your lap.

You can decide or not to have :

  • Bottles
  • Breast milk containers to store your milk in the fridge or freezer.

Nice to have :

  • Some mums will buy nipple shields, they can help in some cases, so just decide if they are right for you.  If you have inverted nipples, it will come out once your baby starts sucking.  Your baby should latch on the whole aureola, not just the nipple.

Bottle fed

Must have :

  • Bottles (don’t buy too many small ones, as bub will quickly outgrow them), teats newborn flow, teat brush and bottle brush to thoroughly clean your bottles (tip : you can also clean the teats without a brush by turning them inside-out; it does take practice but is very easy to do once you get the hang of it)
  • Bottled water (suitable for newborns) – or you can boil tap water but you must wait a long time for it to cool down.
  • Formula (discuss with the hospital which one you should buy for your baby once you go home).
  • Bottle rack to let your bottles dry

Nice to have :

  • Steriliser (this is more for peace of mind …  It is best to have a bottle thoroughly cleaned with warm water and dish soap then well rinsed and not sterilised rather than a bottle not well cleaned, sterilised.