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How to choose a good newborn photographer ?

How to find the right newborn photographer ?

How to find a cheap newborn photographer ?

How to find an affordable photographer ?

You just did a search similar to one of the 4 sentences above, and found this article.  That’s a first start !  Keep reading I have gathered most of the information you will need in this article.brisbane maternity photographer,maternity photography,affordable maternity photography,

You are having a baby, and like a growing number of parents, you are thinking of hiring a professional  photographer.  But you have no idea where to start, and there are so many different ones.  How can you find the one that’s right for you ?

From experience, many of you start with the question “How much ?”  “How much is this going to cost me?”   The answer varies, but the general answer is it’s expensive.  Prices can vary from $500 to several thousands, depending on the talent and experience of the photographer, and the time spent on your photos (fine-Art work requires a lot of work editing the images, the ones you see everywhere online), as well as the  quality of the products you are buying.

The truth is that newborn photography is a very delicate art.  Newborn babies cannot support themselves and  posing them in a beautiful and safe way requires a lot of experience and patience.  Steer clear from offers which are too good to be true.  If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is !  You don’t want to  put your newborn in unsafe hands, or receive photos that you think you could have done yourself, or are awful.  You cannot rewind the time and do it all again.     So think about it !  Also make sure you find a photographer who is operating a legal business.

The other truth is that unlike your grocery shopping, it is a luxury item.  You don’t need to hire a newborn photographer.  You don’t need to buy a big TV.  But you do.  Because it brings you JOY.

These photos are going to bring you so much joy, all your life…  day after day.  Are they worth $500 or $3000 or whatever the cost to you ?  Of course they are !  In 10 years time, will “a number” matter ?  No.  But that big canvas of your family with your new baby, will.  Most photographers are able to offer a payment plan, so make sure you discuss this them.  Almost half of my clients use a payment plan, and it has a small fee.

WORD OF MOUTHBrisbane newborn photographer

Is one of your options.  If you’re having a baby, chances are, your family or friends are, too.  Have they hired a newborn photographer ?  What was their experience like ?  What do their photo look like ?  Do you like the style of them ?  If it’s a yes then look no further !  Provided your family member or friend are local and you can drive to that photographer easily.


Baby expos usually have several photographers who specialize in maternity and newborn photography.  This is a handy way to find them and do everything at once :  see their work, meet them in person, and also receive a “special offer” that they only do during the expo, so you get the best value too !


Baby stores sometimes have brochures, coupons, business cards, or partnerships with photography studios or newborn photographers.  You might want to pay attention at the counter when you are shopping for your new baby.

INTERNET SEARCHBrisbane newborn photographer

Internet  is a convenient way.  Sometimes you are on bed-rest, or don’t have the time to go anywhere…Here are the important aspects that you should look at to narrow down your search :


You want to find a photographer rather local.  If you are after a newborn photographer, and want those newborn photos that you see everywhere online, then driving a long distance with a newborn baby (under 2 weeks of age) is not realistic.  A 30 minute trip is the most that I would suggest.  Some babies love the car, some hate it..  You don’t want to show up at your newborn shoot with an awfully stressed baby.  When doing your search, make sure you enter your city or main city in your search terms, to bring local results : for example, if you live in Brisbane, then search Brisbane newborn photographer or newborn photographer Brisbane.  When you click on those websites, make sure you double check the location of the photographer first.

SafetyBrisbane newborn photographer

I already mentioned this at the beginning of this post and cannot stress this enough.  Safety should be your main concern.  Being in this industry I know there has been accidents, and you certainly don’t want to put your baby at risk.  Find a professional photographer who is specialized in newborn photography.  If you are looking for those womb like or squishy poses, then a “family photographer” or a “wedding photographer” won’t do.  Newborn photographers work with newborn babies nearly every day.  They know how handle them, how to pose them, how to keep them content and safe.  Holding a newborn baby for a photography shot is completely different from holding your baby everyday in life, trust me.


Of course you have to loooooove the portfolio the photographer has  on his/her website (I’m not sure in Australia, but there are some male newborn photographers).

Services and Products

Find out what services the photographer offers as well as the products you can buy.  Some photographers do a pre-session consultation.  This is great because you can  meet the photographer and see the products before you even decide to book them !


Look for reviews online, if you are on facebook, see if you can find a facebook page and check if it is active.


You should have narrowed down your list by now.

Email, or fill-in a contact form, or call the photographer or studio.  Talk to the photographer.  Do you like that person ?  You will know if you have found the one.

I hope you have found this article helpful.   If you have any questions please get in touch I would love to help you.  Good luck and congrats on your  pregnancy.

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A newborn session is best done between 5 to 12 days of age, while your baby is still curly, and has no acne or colic (yet!).  It is best to book during your second term of pregnancy.  If you would like to book or to get in touch, please fill-out my contact form.