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Little toes : details captured during a newborn shoot


Little toes, tootsies…  Seriously, how cute can they be ?    When I photograph new babies (during a newborn shoot at Isabelle Newborn Photography), I always make sure the hands or feet are visible.       I am always amazed at how  human babies are born perfectly finished : hair, eyebrows (sometimes barely visible), eyelashes, fingers, nails, fingerprints, and those little toes…

Little feet are very sweet in their parents hands, it just shows how tiny they are.  When I look at them, I think “these feet have never walked, never touched the ground”, and they are incredibly soft.

This makes me think of the book “Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes published in 2008 by Mem Fox and Helen Oxenbury.  Anyone else has it ?  My kids have all loved this book !

Like everything else on a baby, they change so quickly !  Just look at the bottom two photographs which were taken 30 days apart !  What a huge difference 1 month makes.

Enjoy the little toes,

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A newborn session is best done between 5 to 12 days of age, while your baby is still curly, and has no acne or colic (yet!).  It is best to book during your second term of pregnancy.  If you would like to book or to get in touch, please fill-out my contact form.


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