Newborn Photography in Brisbane photographing siblings | Ziggy&Harly

Ziggy and Harly family newborn photos.

Ziggy was only a week old when she came for her newborn photos.  Came along big sister Harly, mum and dad.

Harly was super sweet and couldn’t wait to have photos of her and her sister taken.  She was the most delicate big sister I have ever seen.  Her hands were so soft on her baby sister (well, most of the time!).

Her mum and dad had brought a beautiful purple dress for Harly, so I grabbed a matching wrap to do the sibling photos.  Harly was super cooperative, until she decided it was time to resume her Peppa Pig episode !  Dad came to the rescue and held his phone behind my shoulder.      When working with 3 year olds, one thing for sure is you have to be quick !
She decided the photo session was finished and ran into the play room, where her dad followed.  It was so funny to hear her playing and cooking up a storm for her dad 🙂

During that time I worked with mum and Ziggy, then some beautiful newborn photos of little Ziggy…  I forgot to mention a few drinks for Ziggy…  then Harly came back to check on her sister, and I kept taking photos.  Her hands were so delicate that was truly beautiful to watch !

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A newborn session is best done between 5 to 12 days of age, while your baby is still curly, and has no acne or colic (yet!).  It is best to book during your second term of pregnancy.  If you would like to book or to get in touch, please fill-out my contact form.