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Why I love newborn photography.

Hi, this is  Isabelle from Isabelle Newborn Photography.  I am a photographer based in Brisbane and I love everything newborn and maternity photography.

Newborn photography and posing a newborn baby for a newborn  portrait is a very delicate Art.  While it can be quite challenging, it is very rewarding.

It requires skills, love and a lot patience.

When I gave birth to my first child, I knew straight away that this was my happiest moment in life.  There are many rewarding times along our lives, but as a woman and wife, becoming a mother exceeded everything.  9 and a bit  years on today, my (3) children bring me so much joy that I can’t even describe in words.  They give a meaning to my life.

Every time a couple walks into my studio with their baby, only a few days old, I am filled with that same excitement.  I feel the love of that family, and I capture it.  During their newborn  photography session I learn  about them, and their baby.  It is incredible how much they have to share since the birth of their baby, knowing she is still so little.

I love hearing their story.

I never get enough.

Each newborn session lasts for about 3 hours and go in a blink of an eye.  And each one is perfectly unique.  Surely there isn’t a dull moment in my job !

During the first few weeks of life of their baby, often months, parents are very tired from the lack of sleep, and those precious moments  fade away so quickly.  Being able to capture those moments  is an incredible gift.

Newborn photography is all about that.  Capturing those precious moments, so you can look back on them for a lifetime.


I would love to capture your growing family. Get in touch and tell me more about yourself here : click here, fill the form, and I will be in touch.