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Top 10 reasons why you should hire a Professional Newborn Photographer

Isabelle is a Brisbane photographer who specialises exclusively in Newborn photography.


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Hi everyone !  I’m Isabelle and I am French, so please forgive me, I know how much my  writing is far from perfect.

I have 3 children of my own, and still go to the park a lot with my little one.  When chatting with other Mums,  if we start talking about our lives and our jobs, once they find out what I do for a living, they ask me 100s of questions !  It’s so nice for me to talk about my passion to them, and see their interest in beautiful newborn photos !

So, today I thought I would write this post on 10 reasons why I think parents should hire a newborn photographer.  Of course it is my opinion but I hope you will get something out of it, and find it useful.  To all of the Mums and Dads, in Brisbane and around the world, it is for you ❤️

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So…  you are pregnant, and, you can’t wait to meet your little one !  You also know that you would like to have professional photos taken of your new baby.  You especially love the ones that you see everywhere on the web.

Then, with your budget in mind, you check the pricing for one or several photographers, you start making inquiries.      You are confused with the numbers you receive which can vary greatly.

Let me tell you a few things which I hope will help you understand what is behind those numbers.  Newborn photography is sometimes called the art of posing babies, and it is hard work !  If it wasn’t for the skills, talent, and patience of the photographer…  these photos wouldn’t be there.

Most photos that catch your attention have all been edited on a computer.  And believe me, posing a baby (as babies don’t pose themselves and can’t hold a pose safely) is something that not everyone can do.  Choosing a professional photographer specialised in posing newborn babies will do that, while ensuring the baby is safe at all times, and comfortable.

If a photographer offers a “100 edited photos on a disk for $200” deal, then I would carefully check the following :  does this photographer has an insurance ? an ABN (Australian Business Number) ?  Would the photos be edited individually ?  How long would the photoshoot last for ?  You don’t want to put your baby in untrained hands, and/or receive photos which you think you could have done yourself, or worse yet, look awful, and be in the situation of some parents who think “OMG my baby is growing and we didn’t get those perfect, squishy, curly, newborn photos that we were hoping for”, and then in panic mode try to desperately book another photographer, this time, carefully checking their work, and that what they will offer is consistent to what you see on their website.

Similarly, a 30 minute photoshoot is unrealistic, as newborn babies are all different and unpredictable.  As an example, I can tell you that to have a newborn photoshoot that lasts 90 minutes is incredible.  It means the baby was super placid, and never took a break during the shoot, or moved an eyelid.  On average, a newborn photoshoot, if it goes smootly, lasts between 2 to 4 hours.  4 hours can be when there are siblings, parents shots, 1 or 2 breaks or more ! for feeding, changing, …

Now you’re left wondering if this is all worth it, and if your own camera could do the job, or your mother, sister-in-law, friend, who is an amateur photographer, could.

Here I have gathered 10 reasons which you should think of when asking yourself this question “should I hire a professional newborn photographer to take some newborn photos of our new baby?”

Please note that even though some are very important as a professional photographer, such as the SAFETY and the COMFORT of your baby, I have listed these in random order , as we all have different priorities.

#10 You have too much to do, and are tired to take that perfect photo.

Having a baby is an immense joy but also extremely tiring.  As mums, we are often exhausted from the birth, and lack of sleep before and after the birth.  We’d rather do something else than try and take that perfect shot.  But then, hese first weeks  memories are a blur and fade away so quickly. Hiring a photographer to capture those memories is a must !  Something you will never regret.

#9 Be in the photos

If you take photos at home, chances are one of you will never be in the photo.  When you hire a photographer for your newborn photoshoot, not only you get to relax and enjoy your little one’s very first shoot (or second or third if you’ve had a birth photographer and a fresh 48 session in hospital  – YES !  Some families do all of them !!), but you will also get beautiful photos of you with your baby, photos of Dad and baby, and with your other children too !

#8 The Skills

You are choosing a professional photographer that is skilled in the art of newborn photography.

#7 The results

When you hire a professional newborn photographer, you know the results will be there.  Your professional photographer is highly trained to ensure he/she delivers results.

#6 The experience

For most parents, going to their newborn photoshoot is actually the first time they leave their house after coming back from the hospital.  It’s a nice way to stop for a while and admire their baby while the photographer is in action.

#5 The Beautiful photos

Can you tell when you see photos and know instantly they were created by “a professional photographer”.  These have been carefully planned, even for a lifestyle session.  You put on your best outfit, make-up, and hairdo, and you look your best.  Everything on them is beautiful.  Your expression, your emotions, the light, the angles, the editing… and they are created, just for you!

#4 The Memories

Today it is well accepted that people hire a Wedding Photographer on the day of their wedding.  No one will tell you “what?  you hired a professional photographer for your wedding ?”  No one thinks it is a luxury.  It is a magical moment in life which, in many countries, only lasts for a couple of hours.  It is such a short time.  You want those memories recorded, photographed, so you can go back to that beautiful, magical, day.

In that way, I find Newborn photography very similar to Wedding photography.  Newborn babies change in hours (just after they are born), then days, then start growing in just weeks !  The arrival of a new member in the family is another magical moment, that passes too quickly.  Most people cannot describe in words how they feel when their child is born.  The joy you get is indescribable.   You want those first moments with your baby captured, so you can go back to that day, when she was just “a week old”.

Photographers often say “beautiful moments deserve beautiful photographs”, and this saying is so true.

The arrival of a new baby in a family is a little bit like a wedding.  Babies grow and change so fast…  Before you know it your tiny baby is already crawling everywhere, walking, talking.  You want to keep those memories for ever.

#3 The Investment for your home

Having beautiful professional portraits in your own home adds that finishing touch to your living room, bedroom or hall way.I

#2 It brings families together, and improves   children’s self-esteem.

Putting portraits on your walls of your photos is proven to build high self esteem in your children.  It shows them that they are a member of the family, and that they are valued.

If you have newborn photos, it shows them how much they were surrounded by love.

Obviously, for your children, having a professional portrait of them or a photograph that you took with your camera won’t make a difference, but for you as an adult you will love to have a beautiful professional photo of high definition and on a high-end product that only photographers can source.

#1 The Safety

You are putting your most precious asset in someone’s hands, so safety should never be overlooked.

Not many parents know how technical some photos can be.  With a professional photographer, they are always done safely.

Make sure the photographer you hire knows what he/she’s doing.  They must know about baby safety, how to handle a baby safely, how  to pose a baby safely on a surface or in a prop, how to pose a baby with a sibling, and this varies with the age of the brothers or/and sisters.

and most of all,

You want to remember that moment…  when your little one was so little, she fits in that small space between your arms and head.

You want to remember that your 15 year old teenager, who is now taller than you, once fit in the palm of your hand and your forearm.

We see everywhere that “babies are only little for such a short time”.  It is so true !  If you already have children, then, you know !

“Beautiful memories deserve beautiful photographs”

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